Saturday September 5th / Huseby Harvest, Skedsmokorset, NO

We’ll be howlin’ at the Harvest moon!

Huseby Harvest website               

Saturday October 3rd / Ullensaker kulturhus, Jessheim, NO

Soul to the people @kongrakne

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Thursday March 12th / Vintermyggen, Lillestrøm, NO

Doors open at 19:00 – showtime @20:30

Vintermyggen website                           Tickets

Saturday April 18th / Galleri Festiviteten, Eidsvoll Verk, NO

Doors open at 19:00 – showtime @21:00

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Tuesday May 12th / Gozip fashionshow, Lillestrøm, NO

Gozip Fashionstore is showing their Summer 2015 collection and we’re playing an acoutic concert!

@ Jekyll & Hyde, Lillestrøm! Doors open @19:00.


Monday December 29th / Ribbejazz, Lillestrøm, NO

One big Christmas Music Celebration!

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Thursday August 14th @ 22:00 / Jessheimdagene, Jessheim, NO

5 days of fest in our very own hometown!

Visit Jessheimdagene here